Fool or Truth

Watching the coverage of the presidential candidates from both parties I wonder what happened? We used to understand that this job was one of the hardest in the world and we expected the people running to take any and all questions and be able to answer them with a appropriate response and to handle anything and everything thrown at them. What the hell happened? Why do some seem to act out like children when pushed on a subject? This is the highest office in the land and you want the job then suck it up and answer any and all questions. You are trying to win votes so tell us how you feel on a subject or how you would handle it and let us as the american voter decide if we like what you said. You don’t get to throw a temper tantrum like a toddler because you don’t want to answer us.

This process is in place to weed out the ones who can’t handle the fire and for those who can handle it to see if we like their responses. I so wish that people would truly do their research on what they think they support. If you truly believe that the ultra rich care about someone making $20 a hour then you my friend have a lot to learn. Labor unions were formed to fight against the bosses and the ultra rich. They fought against unfair labor practices and conditions so that workers were all treated fairly. That my friends is not a republican belief! Fair treatment of all is what we were taught as children when we were taught the Golden Rule. What happened to that? What happened to common decency and respect for each other?

Maybe we should remember what we were taught when we were kids and pass along those teachings to our children. Common decency and respect could make such a great come back if we all made the effort. Bashing anyone, I mean anyone gets us no where fast. This includes who are current president is and who is running for the job. There is a difference in being respectful and siding with someone just in case some people did not know that. That is why we live in the land of the free. To offer our opinion but not in a disrespectful way. Do not show your ignorance by tearing someone else down to promote your own agenda. It makes you look worse then who ever you are trying to tear apart.

“Be considerate of people’s lives. If you don’t know their situation, hush! You don’t have the right to ┬áhave a opinion. Instead. Pray for them!”


Learning with age

This is my very first blog post so be kind. I decided to do this because writing anything has always come somewhat easy for me. It has however taken me until now to realize this so call me a slow learner! I am discovering things as I get older and look back on my life and then look toward the future that turn on light bulbs for me. I hope to share my journey through life and give a different perspective so that maybe I can help someone else.

I have a lot to say about a number of topics so if you have a question about something just ask. I am not all knowing and do not proclaim to be close to perfect but I see things differently then most and offer different perspective. I am not one to sugar coat anything and will not mince words.

I am a mother of two wonderful boys who have taught me more then they will ever know and I am writing this for them so that they may know what sometimes I could not share with them or didn’t have the opportunity to share with them.

The saying popped up on Facebook recently and has stuck with me. “I am aware that I am rare!” Food for thought!