This is my very first blog post so be kind. I decided to do this because writing anything has always come somewhat easy for me. It has however taken me until now to realize this so call me a slow learner! I am discovering things as I get older and look back on my life and then look toward the future that turn on light bulbs for me. I hope to share my journey through life and give a different perspective so that maybe I can help someone else.

I have a lot to say about a number of topics so if you have a question about something just ask. I am not all knowing and do not proclaim to be close to perfect but I see things differently then most and offer different perspective. I am not one to sugar coat anything and will not mince words.

I am a mother of two wonderful boys who have taught me more then they will ever know and I am writing this for them so that they may know what sometimes I could not share with them or didn’t have the opportunity to share with them.

The saying popped up on Facebook recently and has stuck with me. “I am aware that I am rare!” Food for thought!


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