I am thankful for the blessing of having my horses. They each add a different benefit to my life.

I now have eight horses in my life ranging in age from five years old to twenty five years old. I know that my time is limited with my two old mares. They are both old rope horses who are wise beyond belief and have given me my confidence in my riding when I didn’t have any. My paint horse is a 10 years old and is definitely a unique horse. He is super smart and I swear some days knows what I’m thinking. Next is my palomino that I have owed since he was four months old. He is a a great guardian of my two old mares. Next in live is our new addition Chevy our pony. What a great guy he! First time he was saddled up here he rode right off picture perfect and took great care of Cordell my son. Renegade is our “outcast”. I got him for free and has taken his time at growing and is finally filling out and going to be a great speed horse. Ruby is one of my two new mares that didn’t perform well on the track so she was put on the back burner in her old barn. Here she has started to blossom into a power house under saddle and has speed that I still can’t believe. Once I get her to respond to ques and use her brakes she will rock the arena. Finally is my Scarlett the one pictured on this post. From the very first day I saw her run across the pasture she looked at me and I knew that she and I were going to do great things together. Every time I saddle her up she impresses me. She never lost a race on the track and until she got hurt in the trailer she was a speed demon. I am going to start showing her this winter and prepare her to hit the circuit this spring.

I know I have went on and on about them and I could write more but I will save it. I am just so very thankful that I am allowed to be their caretaker and I get to spend my days with them.


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