Over the past few years I have been taught a huge lesson about who I can and can not trust. Just because people are friendly towards you doesn’t mean they are on your side. I learned this the most difficult way. I was used to a extreme and betrayal was running rampant. People who I thought I could trust with my soul turned their back on me. I didn’t conform to their idea of what I should be and when I wanted better their true selves came out.

Now looking back I chose people who weren’t on the same page as me. I have a education and was raised completely different then most of the people I hung out with. I was raised being able to trust those around me and sheltered in the fact that I could trust people. I learned the hard way this is not the case.

My best friend for over 15 years sided with my ex in a custody fight over my son and so many of my so called friends followed suit because he was good at lying. No one ever knew the hell he put me through because I never shared how abused I truly was.

This has taught me such a valuable lesson about who to trust. I now have my guard up so high you need a safety harness to climb the wall to truly get to me. I have no close female friends besides my mother because everyone of them have betrayed me. I still find then men are easier to talk to but still am very careful who I let in to my inner sanctum.

I have found that trust is precious thing and once it is broken it is extremely hard to repair. Those who say they are your friend sometimes have a ulterior motive for wanting to be a part of your life. I know that not all people are like this but I caution you to take a look at who surrounds your life. If your gut is trying to tell you something about someone don’t dismiss it. Take sometime to check it out what your gut is telling you and proceed with caution.

It doesn’t matter if those people are family or life long friends. It is absolutely okay to remove people from your life that aren’t there in a positive way. If they don’t respect you and love you for who you are and support you in your decisions then walk away and you will discover what I did. After a ton of time alone I discovered that I was happier without the daily drama and stress of having negative people in my life. I still spend a lot of time alone and I don’t have a bunch of girl friends that I run around with but what I do have is peace in my life and solitude and great relationship with my children and family. I prefer to trust my dogs and horses because their love is unconditional and they are always there when I need them.


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