I was so blessed at the age of 25 to give birth to the person who changed my life forever. I was alone and raised Adrian on my own with the help of my family. When I found out I was pregnant I never hesitated or contemplated not having him. I remember the day I found out I was having a boy and couldn’t wait to tell my father and grandfather because he would be the first born Horn boy since my dad.

Raising him on my own was not easy but I would not trade it for the world. He has grown to become a great young man and makes me proud everyday. We have had our fights and trials but wee still apologize and give each other hugs when it is over.

I have put him through a lot and no matter what he never gave up on me with all the mistakes I have made as a parent. I see myself in him daily and his sense of humor is so mine. He is not like other young adults his age. We always tease him as being Mr. Uptight and white. He has told many of his friends no and walked away from situations that could have gotten him in trouble with the law and guided his friends in the right direction.

He receives calls from friends who seek advice and need a honest comforting friend when they are having all sorts of problems from relationships to suicide. Everyone that knows him knows that he is there for them when they need him and that he never judges them but will not sugar coat anything.

I know it may be a lot of pressure but I say all the time he is my best accomplishment to date. My mother said she is proud of how I talk to him and guide him. I don’t know where it comes from but I am thankful that God has guided me in the right direction of raising him. I know that having my Grandmothers and Mother who helped raise me speak to me when I have had hard times raising AJ. They taught me to be tough but to create a home that is welcoming, warm, safe and welcoming to all who walk through my door.


One thought on “My pride and joy

  1. You have done a great job I was very hesitant when you wanted to keep the baby. The road of a single parent is hard, I know, but you took it on with grace and dignity. AJ is a wonderful young man with so much to offer the world because his core values comes from the love of his family, especially his mom.


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