I have been thinking about this for days and I am having a problem working it out in my head so I decided to work it out here so bare with me.

So there is a couple and when they split their friends stay friends with both which is okay but then a custody battle begins and lies are told and instead of choosing sides these friends still continue to stay friends with both sides. The female feels completely betrayed and after things are settled thought that she could try and forgive and renew her friendship but there is this nagging thing in her gut that she just can’t ignore.

The couples relationship was abusive in more ways then one but she never completely shares this with anyone. She was lied too and cheated on and completely taken advantage of. She sought counseling to help herself heal but when the custody battle started she had to relive all the horrors of her bad relationship.

Now these friends knew of but not details of the abusive relationship, the lies and  hurt that was caused but they still remained friends with both.

After speaking to a friend and trying to renew the friendship she was told that the friend gave advice to the ex and has no problem remaining friends with the ex. Another friend said they still care about both and wants a friendship with both.

Am I just being stupid or does anyone else see a problem here? The woman thought she could handle this but she is having second thoughts. Anyone want to jump in and give a opinion?


3 thoughts on “Is it betrayal?

  1. So this is the way it works, people choose sides. I learned this from my divorce. My best friend and her husband introduced my ex to his next wife. She has lots of guilt over it and won’t talk about it. My best advise is stay away, I know you miss them but it’s like being addicted to what is bad for you. Even if you have these friends all the imformation nothing would change because of how they see themselves not you! They struggle with poor self esteem and will only keep you in the hole with them. It’s not good for you or your sons. It’s hard, I know I miss me friend like crazy, but she too is married to a manipulater and is stuck. Life’s not fair. Sorry.


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