I woke up this morning early with my allergies in high gear and I as I sat drinking my coffee trying to get my brain functioning looking at my Facebook something occurred to me. I wonder what happened to enjoying November? I don’t remember as a kid there being this much time put into shopping for Christmas where we needed 3 months to do it in.

I remember as a kid preparing for Thanksgiving and going to church and then making hand turkey’s at school and all sorts of decorations. We really spent time talking about the first Thanksgiving and what it meant and what it means to us now. Do they even do that anymore? What happened to truly being thankful and spending time with family and friends the end of November. Not to work out your Holiday buying strategy but to really spend time together.

Not everything has to be fast paced and connected to the rest of the world. Yes it is great to be connected but at what cost? My family doesn’t know it yet until they read this but this Thanksgiving wee are having it unplugged! No phones at the table or even in the kitchen. We are going to set aside time to play games and be together without checking on our devices.

I am truly saddened by the amount of time people spend planning shopping and spending so much money on Christmas. Yes my Mom and I and this year it will  be Taylor joining us for some shopping on Friday after Thanksgiving but wee don’t leave home until later and hit the craft stores and other unique shops and some girl time with lunch included but no crazy 4 am shopping.

I want to get back to the way it was when I was a kid and playing music and spending real time together as a family. There is always time for the other and no one needs everything on their wish lists for Christmas. So I challenge you to take a moment and remember what your Thanksgiving was like. Going back to more traditional time before the internet and smartphones took over our lives and just enjoy each other. Spend time with your elders and really talk to people face to face as much as possible. Stop trying to rush to the next holiday and embrace the one in front of you. Find some peace and Thanksgiving in your life and share with those less fortunate then you.


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