What are your goals? I mean overall goals. Really truly have a talk with yourself about your goals. Personal, financial, professional I mean everything. Have you thought about it? Do you know what you truly want? No well then what are you living for? Why are you doing what you are doing?

I asked myself these question and they have changed over time just like I have. You have to learn to be flexible and go with your flow. Life is not set in stone and you have to be willing to change your goals and what you want and how you are going to get it.

I used to want different things then I want now. I have grown and changed and look at life a lot differently then I did 25 years ago.  I was never the little girl that dreamed of a wedding and finding my prince charming and living happily ever after. I never dreamed of going off to a big university.  I knew I would have kids one day and go to school but never had those grand plans. I always wanted to work in agriculture and have animals and to raise my children like my family had raised me.

Without realizing it that is almost what my life has become. I have two awesome boys that I am so proud of and other “adopted” children that have added so much value to my life. I have my animals that feed parts of my soul. I am happy being single for the moment. I like going out but I like my independence and freedom of being single.

I look at life so much differently now. I am not a money hungry have to have the best of the best of everything kind of person. I am beyond blessed with my life and family and few close friends. My goals are simpler now. My first is to help my children get through school successfully. Second is to continue to cultivate my writing. Third I am working on my goals with my horses. Fourthly I do not want to be alone forever but I want to take the time to do things right and find my true love. I want to live my live and enjoy it and find my true happiness.

Yes I believe that there is such a thing. I believe that when we live a true, honest an authentic life so that we can look at ourselves in the mirror each day and not hang our head in disgust then we are pretty close to happiness.  Live our lives with grace, love and understanding, no judgment, lies or betrayal.

I ask you to look at your goals and decide if you are happy where you are, if your not then change!


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