“There is always work and there will always be work but to find someone who makes us truly happy is rare.” Criminal Minds

I have seen the episode this was in multiple times and it has stuck with me. There is always work whether it be housework, your career, homework, whatever label you put on it, it doesn’t go away. I am really good at working and putting other things off. I make excuses but that is all they are excuses. I was raised to keep my house clean, make food take care of what you have. Well that takes a ton of work. I have horses, dogs,  barn cats and kids. I always have work, laundry, cleaning, cooking, and barn chores.

I sat and took sometime and wondered what effect my working had on my relationships with my family and with my significant others. In retrospect I did not choose good men in the past to have relationships with, but I do wonder what a toll it took on my relationship with my children and with my own personal happiness in life.

In order to be truly happy what are you willing to sacrifice? I remember the saying of no one ever wished they had spent more time at work. There are times I wished I would have put my own personal happiness first. I wish I would stop and just go do whatever, saddle horses and go ride more, load up and go to more barrel races, go to the beach with the kids just go and do more and stop worrying about if the dishes are done and the house is clean.

It is a problem for me and I know it. Most people make excuses for the opposite that things like laundry and dishes will wait and then they live in a nasty place where I am the polar opposite.

So in taking this new journey of doing things for me I am going to walk away more from the work and go do fun stuff. You know that stuff that makes us happy. That means putting myself first. If Mom ain’t happy nobody is happy, so true!


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