Did you ever have a calling to a place? Maybe it is somewhere you have been before or maybe it is somewhere you can only dream about.

I have had dreams about a place ever since I could remember. A place where some of my family roots come from and a place that when I allow myself to go there in my mind I know I would never want to come back from. My most favorite movies of all time are Gone With The Wind and Scarlet. In Scarlet she goes home to where her father was born to Ireland. My mother got to visit there for almost three weeks about 14 years ago and I had a opportunity to go for a semester in college and it is one of my biggest regrets in my life.

There is not one particular thing that draws me there. It is everything! From the landscape, to the people, to the pubs, to the horses I want to experience it all. I would love to go for a month so that I had time to really see everything and then probably plan how to buy a place and move there.

Reading and seeing pictures of Ireland seem to give me a peace that I can not seem to find anywhere else. I have traveled all over this country and have been in almost every state but four and I have yet to find a place that moves me and speaks to me the way Ireland does. I know that I have partly romanticized it in my head but on the other hand after talking to those who have been there I doubt that I have my hopes to high.

I want to go to the horse fairs and visit more then the tourist spots. I want to find my family from our clan and touch base with my roots.

Do you have a place that touches you and do you think about it often? I find myself thinking about Ireland when my life gets to stressed and I need a escape. What is yours?


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