Today is Veterans Day. My Grandpa Schippers and my Uncle David both served. Grandpa in the Army and my Uncle in the Navy. Grandpa died the year before I was born and my uncle passed when I was 11. I have always had a great respect for those that serve. I still almost every time get teary eyed when I here the National Anthem. I have always been extremely patriotic and feel so blessed to be living here in the Land of the Free. I was taught from a young age to learn from our history and traveled up and down the east coast to just about all the Historical places.

I truly am worried that our schools have become so worried about tests that wee have forgotten the lessons we learn from learning our history especially about our wars. I really think that we are loosing out by not teaching our children about our military history and how lucky we really are.

The photo I chose today is one of my favorites using soldiers from WW1. There were many of these photos taken. My Grandma Schippers worked during WW2 and told great stories about going to the USO. I wonder what happened to that? That support we gave to those who served in our armed forces. I have no doubt that there are plenty that do support but are we teaching our children how important it is to honor and respect our military personnel and all they sacrificed for our freedom?

Take moment today and remember all that you have to be thankful for because of a Veteran!


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