We all have different things that we want out of life. In the past I never thought much about how I wanted to spend my life. The men that I had in my life did not add much value to it and I seemed to consistently choose relationships that were destructive. The older I get it never sees-es to amaze me on how people choose to live their life. I am not here to judge anyone.

I had for a time just stopped looking for that great relationship that I always wanted but seemed to out of reach. My children and family have always brought me great happiness and make me laugh on a regular basis but I never seemed to have that someone who just made me laugh. Recently I met someone who even though it has only been a small amount of time has brought a great amount of laughter and lightheartedness that I didn’t realize I had been missing.

Laughter is so essential to building a great relationship. Sharing laughter is a sign that you understand each other and truly enjoy each others company. I have never truly had that before now. I have been through enough bad relationships that I have some to appreciate simple, easy and fun. No pressure, no begging, no stress, just fun. Finding someone who makes you laugh I have decided is number one on my list.


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