I am 44 years old and I am amazed at how much the world has changed since I was a kid. Things were so simple and not rushed and jammed packed trying to squeeze everything in. I remember simple life from my childhood of playing and not worrying about anything. I don’t remember loving things like we tend to do now. I remember loving people and not having to say “let’s have some quality time”, we just had quality time together. We didn’t have smart phones or the internet or 400 channels on television. We weren’t always in touch and plugged in. Do not get me wrong because these things are important to our lives but at what expense?

I truly believe that we have become so plugged in that we have forgotten what is important. I sit at night with my children watching television and we are all on our phones. It has really started bothering me. My youngest can’t sit for even a few minutes without having a phone to play on or he says he is bored. We don’t have phones at the table when we eat but any other time they are in our hands. Since I realized this I am making a conscious effort to put mine away. I have started changing my focus to who I am with instead of the things I have.

In the past almost six years I have started going back to how I was raised and doing that with my children. I have been cooking since I was a old enough to stand on my stool in my Grandmother’s kitchen. So I have changed how I cook and started cooking from scratch and yes it takes more time but I have found it has done something completely unexpected. MY kitchen has become a place where everyone ends up. They pull out my stools and sit and talk to me while I cook dinner, bake and do dishes.

My past personal relationships have not been successful because my intentions had not truly been about loving someone but on material things and my quest to be loved. It was a two way street because each relationship I was used and abused on different levels. So after giving so much of myself I found myself empty and cold. It has taken me time to heal and figure out what I truly want for myself. I don’t look at relationships the same way I have in the past. Whether it be with my family or personal relationships I am putting more value in what is important and truly loving someone instead of what they can do for me.

After this week and that tragedy in Paris I am reminded that I am headed in the right direction. I am trying to raise my children to be grounded and to appreciate each other. Unplugging and reconnecting with the people you care about is so vital to not only your own happiness but the world around you. We can not change the world until we change the small one we interact with every single day.


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