I have struggled with confidence my whole life. I do my very best to never let anyone see me when I am not on top of my game. For a period of time I let someone else steal my thunder and it took everything I had to get it back. I don’t allow myself to let very many inside my walls and see me with my guard down.

My confidence in myself and my abilities are shall we say very apparent. I am not one to take unnecessary risks but I will not allow someone to run me over or push me around. If I am not sure about something I do my homework first.

When I am training my horses or riding or giving lessons I have been considered bossy and loud. I am confident in my ability with my horses and that is one of the best thing that you can have when working with a animal can kill you.

Confidence on women can be considered them being bitchy and bossy. It is not even close to the truth. I Never understood this. When  a man is confident that are not viewed the same as when women do the same. I am not sure exactly why.

Confidence does not have to be loud it can be the opposite but sometimes it is harder to see.

My mother said that I have been this way since I was born and even though I went through a period of time that I wasn’t. I think confidence can be a learned trait but it takes work. I see that especially in young people trying to use their voice for the first time.

I only wish that people would stop and think before judging someone who asserts confidence. It is not without trepidation that someone exudes confidence. They may not share their fear with anyone but it is there.


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