How honest are you? Do you sugar coat things to make people feel better? Or do you just blurt it out. Do you try and be sensitive to others?

My life journey with honesty has not always been a straight and easy road. I remember as a child getting in trouble with not telling the truth and my mom and grandparents scolding me. For a long time I didn’t see the problem with telling white lies and not being completely honest. Looking back now it lead me down a slippery slope without even seeing it.

I see now that by allowing myself to not be honest I allowed others around me to be dishonest and not only lead me down a path I did not see but mistreated me and I lost all self confidence and self esteem.

I was forced to face the life I created by not being honest. It was very difficult to realize I had become a woman that I did not recognize. I was not the woman my parents had raised. I have taken a long hard journey to find her. I remember my mother looking at me a few years ago saying “There you are I wondered where you have been. My daughter is back.”

As a child and young adult I was outspoken but not necessarily with the same conviction and purpose I have now. Now at 44 years old I am starting to become a woman who stands up for those who are having a hard time doing it on their own. I do not mince words nor will I sugar coat anything. I will however judge the situation and be kind when possible and not cruel or rude. I will wait for the correct time and place and not purposely degrade someone.

However if someone come at me spewing lies and trying to hurt someone I care about with hatred and cruel intentions I will not run and hide. I will stand my ground armed with the facts, truth and honesty and put you in your place.

Honesty is not easy but as I have come to learn necessary for my own survival. Someone said not very long ago that if you don’t want to hear the truth then don’t ask Heather. At first I laughed but they are right. I follow my gut and have found that when I am honest with others and my self I physically feel better.

I am not perfect by any means I am trying my best everyday to be the woman my Grandmothers always wanted me to be.


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