Do you put yourself first? Or do you put others needs before yourself? Learning to say No can be difficult to do especially to those we love.

Having children it is very difficult to set aside time for myself. Between juggling everything by the time I sit down I am at the bottom of of the priority list.

Finding time for myself has become a priority. Even if only for 30 minutes a day I have to have my time. I know to some it doesn’t sound like enough time and to others it sounds like a lot of time.

I never seem to get enough. The older my children get the more I want to spend time with them and it seems I need more time to myself. I know one day they will grown and moved out.

I worry about people who put so much time into everyone else but themselves. What happens to them when they are alone and their children are gone?

I have had many people ask and silently wonder why I have my horses and dogs. With all the failures in my life they have been my constant. They love me honestly and completely with out judging. They are my escape and my strength. They allow me to be me. I feel completely free when I am in the saddle or sitting in with my dogs in silence.

I encourage you to find yourself and put yourself first. If you don’t take care of yourself then you are no good to anyone else. So look for time in your busy life to take time for you! You are just as important than anyone else.


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