Only for so long can someone lie, cheat, steel and do wrong to others before Karma shows her smiling face. I am not perfect which I have shared before but I have learned that the truth while sometimes painful sets you free. Taking responsibility for your actions and being honest is the only way. Lying, back stabbing, and overall mistreating people for your own personal gain will not benefit you.

For those who live life from a Narcissistic point of view some how do not understand what it means to take responsibility for the damage they cause. I was in a relationship with one for over seven and he still refuses to see the damage he did or to take responsibility for anything. Everything is always someone else fault.

Karma may not act when we want it too. It tends to know when it will have the greatest effect on someone’s life. Whether it be bad or good Karma and yes there is both. When people do good they get good in return. When the opposite is true Karma tends to give it her all.

Do you ever wonder why we give Karma is giving a female tone? Is it because maybe females tend to give hold back and then give some what they deserve? Just a thought.

The longer I live and the more I live by the truth and making things right by my family the more I enjoy watching and waiting for Karma to show her face.


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