Assuming that I am ignorant to your bad behavior never sees es to amaze me. I talked about this just the other day on my Facebook. I have done some cleansing recently of the supposed friends on my social media account. Thinking that I am unaware of your betrayal is complete stupidity on your part.

Have you ever taken a personality test? I have taken several over the years and I know that unlike most people I am what they call a INFJ. I am more aware of lying and others motives. I feel more then most and this is part of the reason why I seek solitude from people because it is so draining for me to be around most people.

I am very aware when people have arterial motives and lie straight to my face. I do tend not to call people out on it right away. The older I get the more I tend to let things play out and let them hang themselves. It almost always happens.

So if you know people who lie and are deceitful do yourself a favor and let things play out and let them out themselves. It is more entertaining then you might think. Always be prepared to out them if they seem to be getting away with their bull but I am a sound proponent of letting someone hang themselves.

So be patient and know that Karma works on her own schedule and make some popcorn and wait and watch.


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