Since Fallon Taylor burst back on to the scene a few years ago she has stood out from the crowd. She has been criticized by others for her difference in fashion and not being like everyone else.

I respect her so much for all she has survived and overcome. She has not only trained and breed some of the industries most amazing horses but has created her own brand that is becoming very successful. Oh and she was Wrangler National Finals Barrel Racing Champion 2014!

Her style has been ridiculed that it is too much and many have no problem voicing their opinion about her style. She has helped boost small entrepreneurs launch their business by wearing their products and putting them on a national stage. Now even though people still talk about how they don’t like what she wears more and more girls to full grown women love her style and are wearing them with pride.

I love to see her win but no matter win or loose she always has a smile on her face.

I love everything about her. I have never been one to get all crazy over celebrities but there is more to Fallon Taylor and that is what makes her so amazing to me. She is a incredible horse woman and entrepreneur. I think part of her appeal is that she stands out. I do not like to fit in and be like everyone else and that is I think is why I admire her so much.

I challenge you in no matter what you do in life to stand out from the crowd and not to follow the crowd. Be gracious and kind to everyone and not to judge anyone.

I hope one day to meet her and be able to tell her what a inspiration she is to me as a horse woman, a entrepreneur and person.


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