What does Christmas mean too you? December has always been a important month in my family. My Grandfather’s birthday is the 11th and on the other side of my family all three of my Grandmother’s grandchildren’s birthday are in December. Then I remember plenty of time spent at church decorating the church, Christmas programs and special services. I also remember dressing up and going to lot’s of parties.

Now things have quieted down a lot. I do not spend as much time at church and as much time running around. I got to a point that it was all to much for me and I regressed back to my house.

Now I spend a lot of time in my kitchen baking and cooking and lot’s and lot’s of family time and quality time with those I love. I crank the holiday music and the kitchen becomes a huge mess but by the time I am done Christmas goodies are boxed up and ready to be delivered and I am exhausted.

I used to be one of those Black Friday shopping women who had to get the deal and spent money that was such a waste. I now bake and give it all away. I feel like people appreciate it more and I feel better then I did shopping.

I challenge you to take some time this season to add a special touch to what you give others for the holidays. Give more of you instead of your money. If we truly want to make the world a better place it must start with each individual.

Christmas to me is about family and spending time with those you love and not on how much we can spend. Share your smile and share your passion and spread your love.


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