I was raised by people who loved me and taught me things everyday. They kept me safe and exposed me to different cultures and helped me to live through grace and love.

Not all children get the opportunity to be loved and allowed to grown in a safe environment. Others have parents who are not strong enough to take care of themselves let alone to be strong enough to raise a child.

I have been criticized for how I am raising my boys. I am tough and am not a new age parent who wants to be their friend. However I find a great value in speaking to my children with the knowledge that they are smart and know what is going on. Guiding them in making smart decisions about their own life.

I have a small farm with horses, dogs and barn cats. I believe that giving  children responsibility of another life is a great way to teach them the value of life and how the world works.

Teaching responsibility of caring for a animal by feeding, watering and general care teaches so much more responsibility  then just cleaning their room. I could have chosen a different way to raise my boys but I feel that teaching them to love a animal will be a life long benefit.


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