I was hesitant about posting this this morning. I still sometimes find myself worried about what others think. I still worry about hurting someones feelings. After some perspective today I decided to be honest with myself and share what I write no matter what.

I know some people may say that this saying doesn’t apply to them because they are still friends with their ex. While I have said this myself and have felt this way at one time about a ex I really don’t think it is true.

That relationship didn’t survive for a reason or maybe multiple reasons. Personally I have found that a relationship didn’t work out for not just one reason but multiple reasons.

Do some people try again and make it work a second time? Yes I am sure they do. Personally once a relationship is over for me that is it. I can remain friends with my ex for the most part but that is as far as it goes.

I really don’t find a purpose in punishing myself again by dating someone a second time. If it didn’t work the first time then why go through all the pain and agony of trying again.




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