I know you have heard this before, “Live your truth”. What does this mean to you? I took a lot of time to think about this and I think that is how I found my way back to myself again. I had done something really stupid about 11 years ago that took me down a dark dangerous path. I was told don’t be yourself. If you want this relationship to work then you can’t be you. So like a dip shit I listened.

When I decided that I was worth living for. Not for my family or my children but for me! I really decided that I was going to find me again and start living my life honestly. I speak my mind and show my love and do my best to be honest in my life.

I do not hide things from my children or anyone for that matter. I have found that I am happier and feel better about myself since I decided to do this. I take no shit from anyone and I don’t hide the fact if I don’t like someone. That does not mean I am rude just honest. There is a difference.

I am living for me no one else. I am my top priority. I know others say that that put their children or spouse first but when I do that everyone suffers. Taking care of myself first brings peace and happiness to everyone around me because they are not suffering because of my bad mood. This is difficult for some people but for me I have found it extremely beneficial.

So take some time and find time for you! put yourself first and see hoe fast everything else falls into place.


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