I see it all the time. Are there real women out there. You know the ones who don’t complain about everything can juggle is all are happy to make the men in their life happy, who like sex with their man and who have a zest for life. You know the ones who manage it all, cooking, cleaning, children, her work, her partner and still have fun in  life or are they just a myth?

I truly think this culture we have now has promoted so much independence that it has created selfish people with no regards for anyone but themselves. Yes it is important to make yourself happy but that doesn’t mean it is to come at a cost to those you love.

I see it all the time and hear from others complaining about their spouses or ex’s . It saddens me. I wonder what goes through those peoples minds about what they think their purpose in life is. If we aren’t here to love and help one another and have a good time then why are we here?

We all have our own interests and things we care about but that doesn’t mean that we have to be a bitch to do our own thing. It is okay to be good at things and not go after a man because of his money. Say what you mean and don’t lie and hide and be deceitful in any of your relationships. I would rather die knowing I didn’t bite my tongue and people knew where I stood on everything then thinking I was one way when I was hiding who I truly was my whole life.  Do not be afraid to be real and honest the right people will love you no matter what. The others were just there to see what you had to offer or what they could take from you.


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