Over the last 60 days I have had a unbelievable amount of stress and after doing what I learned a very long time ago which was follow my gut I finally got to the bottom of some things.

I hold myself to a high moral standard and with that comes a lot of loneliness. I have had to eliminate a lot of people  from my life that I thought would always be there for me. It has lead me to follow my instincts and study human behavior because I can spot lying and betrayal out of thin air. I am rarely if ever wrong.

I know more than I say and see more than you think. Those that know me know I don’t hold my tongue and I don’t hold back what I think in my head. I am unlike most women you know.

If you are fake and your intentions are untrue and not honorable I will see right through you. This leads me to be a lone a lot. On the other hand those who I let in and I am close with know they have no greater advocate to stand up for them and by them when they are weak or ill or unable to stand up to bullies and manipulators.

Please don’t tell me you can handle me. I am not a person that can be handled. I have heard that from a lot of men. They all failed and most ended up calling my mother to figure out what to do with me. Which in itself makes me laugh.

With every event in my life I use it as a growth experience not only for myself but my children and those who are involved. When we go through rough times what do you do with the experience? Do you let it destroy you or do you learn from it and grow? Do not give someone else power over you to destroy you! Take it and look at it and see what happened and use it to better yourself. Life is about learning and growth.



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